Ohio Oracle Users Group (OOUG)


Goals and Objectives

The Ohio Oracle Users Group (OOUG) exists to provide learning and networking opportunities for professional people in central Ohio who are using or are interested in technical solutions and software sold by the Oracle Corporation.


Definition of a member in good standing: A member in good standing is a person who has paid membership dues during the membership drive period or during the current membership year.

Membership year: The membership year is from January 1st until December 31st of the calendar year.

Cost of membership: The OOUG board will vote each year to determine the cost of membership. The cost of membership should be determined and announced before the January general meeting.

Benefits of membership: These should be defined and announced annually by the OOUG board before the January general meeting and membership drive promotion.


Frequency of meetings: There will be no less than four general meetings per year. When possible (based on speaker on location availability) the meetings will be full day events and held quarterly on the third Thursday of the month.

Cost of meetings: The cost of the meetings for members and non-members will be decided by a majority vote of the board.

Meeting “host” responsibilities: If a company or organization want to host a meeting, they will be responsible for providing the meeting site and audio-visual setup.

Meeting “sponsor” responsibilities: If a company or organization wants to sponsor a meeting, they will be responsible for providing or paying for lunch during that meeting and the mailing of the agenda.

Who is invited to the meetings: All OOUG members, people on the OOUG mailing list, Oracle Corporation representatives and others interested in Oracle technology are invited to attend meetings. The meeting announcement should be made no less then 3 weeks prior to the meeting. The meeting will be announced on the IOUG-A website “events” list, and at our website. Postal mailings, when done, should also be sent three weeks in advance.

Unacceptable conduct during meetings: There will be no active recruiting of members (for employment) at the meeting site.

Format and content of meetings: The meetings should educate the members and provide a means to informally network with other professionals with similar interests. With this in mind, the meetings should consist of:

  • · A brief business meeting
  • · User presentations
  • · Few (if any) product demonstrations
  • · No recruiting for employment purposes
  • · Door prizes
  • · Technical presentations by Oracle Corporation employees

Independent Oracle Users Group – Americas (IOUG-A) Relationship: The OOUG is an Alliance Partner of the IOUG-A. The OOUG board will select a representative each year to represent the OOUG membership’s interests. There are Alliance Partner teleconferences several times a year in which the OOUG representative will try to attend or will send representation.  The OOUG will communicate to its members information about IOUG-A events and opportunities. In return, through the IOUG-A, the OOUG will be part of a larger voice with Oracle.


OOUG Website

The OOUG website at will be the primary means of communication to members. The website will include (but not be limited to):

  • · Meeting dates and agendas
  • · Directions to meeting sites
  • · Board member information and how to contact them
  • · IOUG-A important events and announcements


Board Positions and Responsibilities

Board elections: OOUG officers will be elected by a majority vote of the OOUG members present at the meeting when elections are held. Elections will be held the last meeting of the calendar year. Proposed officers may be nominated by any member in good standing prior to the elections.

Board member term: All OOUG officers are elected for a one-year term. They are elected during the last meeting of the calendar year. Between the last meeting of the year and the next meeting of the new year, the out-going board members will work with the replacement board members to insure a smooth transition. The old and new board members will work together to plan the January general meeting.

Board member benefits: The OOUG officers will not have to pay OOUG membership dues for the year that they are working on the board.

Removal of a board member:

An OOUG officer can be removed in the following ways:

  • · The president of the OOUG can remove any officer for failure to perform duties assigned
  • · A quorum of officers can remove any officer (including the president) for failure to perform duties or acting in a manner not befitting a member of the board
  • · If the board member misses three consecutive meetings (either board meetings or general meetings) they will automatically be removed from office

In the event that a board member is dismissed, the president can appoint a replacement to fulfill the remaining term. If the president is dismissed, the remaining board members will elect one of themselves as the new president.


  • · Presides over meetings (both board meetings and general meetings)
  • · Seeks out presenters for meetings
  • · Secures sponsors for the meetings
  • · Is the IOUG-A Alliance Partner Representative — attends IOUG-A Conference Calls
  • · Creates meeting agenda



  • · Arranges meeting logistics (location, A/V equipment, etc)
  • · Stands in for the president at meetings
  • · Assists the president in finding presenters for meetings
  • · Assists the president in getting sponsors for meetings



  • · Maintains the membership database
  • · Responsible for coordinating and implementing membership drives
  • · Received meeting RSVPs
  • · Assists the treasurer with sign-in during general meetings



  • · Organizes board meetings (determine date, location and prepare agenda)
  • · Takes meeting notes for all board meetings
  • · Responsible for catering the general meetings
  • · Handles duplication of any handouts to be distributed at the general meeting




  • · Keeps accounting records and bank records
  • · Meeting Sign-in: collects payments for membership and meeting dues
  • · Makes travel arrangements for out-of-town presenters
  • · Responsible for securing grants for the meetings
  • · Secures the give-aways for the meetings




  • · Maintains the website
  • · Maintains the member and non-member mailing distribution lists
  • · Distributes meeting announcements for the OOUG and the IOUG-A

The Ohio Oracle Users Group is dedicated to helping Oracle professionals throughout Ohio increase their Oracle knowledge and experience.