May 14th, 2015 – OOUG Meeting

Mark your calendars for the Ohio Oracle Users Group Q2 General Meeting on May 14th 2015.

We are very excited to announce our guest speaker Carlos Sierra. He is the author of some popular tools for Oracle SQL Tuning: SQLTXPLAIN (SQLT) and SQL Health Check (SQLHC) among others. Carlos will be delivering a session on “Practical SQL Tuning”. Come and enjoy a full day of education and networking with The Tuning Expert Carlos Sierra. This meeting will truly enhance your oracle knowledge. We look forward to seeing you on May 14th, 2015.

Please visit the Oracle Users Group Website and Register for the event click here or, Please RSVP.

Meeting Date:  May 14th 2015

Meeting Location:

Dublin Community Recreation Center at Coffman Park
5600 Post Rd Dublin, OH 43017 (614) 410-4550
This facility provides free wireless internet access

Meeting Cost:

· Individual Yearly Membership $30
(covers all OOUG Meeting for a year – excludes premium meetings)
· $25 for non-member attendees.
· Corporate Yearly Membership $200
(allows up to 7 attendees per meeting)

Meeting Schedule:

08:00a – 09:00: Registration / Breakfast
09:00a – 09:15: Announcements -Introduction of the speaker
09:15a – 10:15: Practical SQL Tuning, Part 1
10:15a – 10:30: Break
10:30a – 11:45: Practical SQL Tuning, Part 2
11:45a – 01:00: Lunch
01:00p – 02:00: Practical SQL Tuning, Part 3
02:00p – 02:15: Break
02:15p – 03:30: Practical SQL Tuning, Part 4
03:30p – 03:45: Member Announcements, Gift Drawings

Carlos Bio:


Carlos Sierra is the author of some popular tools for Oracle SQL Tuning: SQLTXPLAIN (SQLT) and SQL Health Check (SQLHC) among others. He has been a speaker at several conferences related to Oracle performance, including HOTSOS, OOW, UKOUG, RMOUG and IOUG. Carlos currently works for the Accenture Enkitec Group (AEG), where he helps the Oracle Community as a Consultant. Prior to Enkitec, Carlos worked for Oracle for 17 years. Carlos is a frequent SQL Tuning practitioner constantly helping peers and other professionals to diagnose SQL statements performing poorly. If you want to learn more about Carlos contributions to the Oracle Community you may want to browse his blog at
Twitter: @csierra_usa

Practical SQL Tuning
SQL Tuning is a Science. SQL Tuning is an Art. You may have heard both claims. SQL Tuning can be indeed a complex task requiring the use of some attributes of both brain hemispheres: Analytical Thinking and Creativity. If we want to enhance our SQL Tuning skills we may need then to take those two into consideration…
The targeted audience for this “Practical SQL Tuning” session is both Developers and DBAs, with a desire to increase their SQL Tuning skills within a dynamic and participative environment. Open questions are welcomed and sharing knowledge and experience is encouraged and expected. In fact, those participants who register early have the opportunity to propose their own SQL Tuning case, and have it either discussed or diagnosed before or during this training session. After all this is a Practical SQL Tuning session!