We welcome all Oracle professionals to attend the OOUG’s quarterly meetings for some of the most cost-effective training available.  The meetings are also a great way to become acquainted with other local Oracle professionals and to learn what kinds of Oracle-based systems are being implemented at various companies.

OOUG memberships run from January through December, although we gladly accept new members at any time. We offer several types of memberships:

  • Individual: Cost is $40/yr or $25/meeting .
  • Corporate: Companies can send multiple Oracle professionals for training. For as little as $250/year + Paypal Fee, your company can send 7 attendees per meeting.
  • Free: Full-time Students and those who speak at OOUG can attend for free.

Note : Paypal Fee will be charged along with the membership fees.

On the link below is way to pay via credit card/paypal if you choose.  Keep in mind that since we’re a non-profit the convenience of you being able to pay via credit card means we have to pass the fees on to you to pay, its not alot but just something to keep in mind.

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The Ohio Oracle Users Group is dedicated to helping Oracle professionals throughout Ohio increase their Oracle knowledge and experience.